Gabriel Resources - Governance

The Board of Directors of Gabriel is committed to adhering to the highest possible standards in its corporate governance practices.

The Board has adopted the committee structure and policy documents set out below in compliance with corporate governance guidelines which, together with the Board Mandate, the position description for the Chairman of the Board, the position description for the Chief Executive Officer and the charters of the committees of the Board, provide the general framework for the governance of Gabriel. The Board believes that these guidelines will continue to evolve to address all applicable regulatory and stock exchange requirements relating to corporate governance and will be modified and updated as circumstances warrant.

Board Mandate and Committees


Audit Committee Charter Corporate Governance & Compensation Committee Charter
Board Mandate Position Description for CEO Position Description for the CEO
Corporate Governance Corporate Governance Guidelines Position Decription for Chairman of Board Position Description for the Chairman of the Board



Committee Structure and Membership as of July 10, 2018




Audit Committee Corporate Governance and Compensation Committee
Wayne Kirk a
William Natbony a  
David Peat
Walter Segsworth
Janice Stairs
Chairperson Member


Policy Documents


Anti-Bribery and Corruption Policy pdf Insider Trading Policy
pdf Code of Business Conduct and Ethics pdf Safety, Environmental and Social Responsibility Policy
pdf Corporate Disclosure Policy pdf Whistle Blowing Policy
pdfGifts and Hospitality policy