Gabriel is fully committed to restoring, preserving and honouring Rosia Montana's unique patrimony. Our ongoing commitment during the Project will focus on maintenance, conservation and restoration of the historic centre of Rosia Montana and promoting scientific and public research into the cultural heritage of the region.

Over US$30 million has been invested in identifying and cataloguing Rosia Montana's cultural heritage, one of the largest privately financed programmes of this kind in Europe.

Gabriel has funded an independent and specialist rescue archaeology team who is using state-of the-art research methods and techniques in its work. The cultural heritage plan developed by Gabriel, these experts and the community includes several protected zones preserving the village's historic structures. A new museum will include indoor and outdoor exhibitions, a Roman and medieval gallery with a funerary monument and dwellings area to allow scholars, students and experts to study the region's cultural heritage and enhance sustainable tourism. These efforts will ensure we can preserve 2000 years of cultural heritage and save important archaeological finds which would otherwise continue to decay and be lost.

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The mining museum before restoration The mining museum before restoration

Above: The Mining Museum before and after restoration

96 people

Resources and skills were utilised from 6 architects, 2 buildings experts, 4 building engineers, 2 worksite managers and 82 local workers.


Total costs of approximately €150,000 for restoration, reopening and setting-up of the "Aurul Apusenilor" exhibition.

10,000 visitors

Building No.325 hosted over 10,000 visitors in the first year helping to bring renewed support and momentum for RMGC its efforts to restore and revalue the historical centre - the protected area of Rosia Montana.